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Saron van Diemen

About & Contact

Saron van Diemen


Hi! I’m Saron van Diemen and I passionately work to empower and inspire people to find trust in the power of the body. I’m a personal trainer and the owner of Total Self.

I am a certified personal trainer (N.A.S.M.), I hold a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and I’m a Certified Life Coach. I have been into sports my whole life but it wasn’t until I brought all of my training and years of experience together that I began to see changes in myself and my wellbeing. Fast forward to now, fascinated by all things health and fitness, I get to help my clients experience their own amazing transformations, the way that’s right for them.

Ditch the routines that aren’t bringing you joy and come work with me to gain control of your body and life.


Invest in yourself. Take control of your body, take control of your health.

See you in the park!


There are no quick fixes here. We’re going to be making substantial, long-term change.

The Program

  • Tailored workouts with the best exercises and lifestyle adaptations needed to achieve your individual goals.

  • Each program is designed to motivate you and make the process enjoyable while holding you accountable. We will train hard and you will get the support you need every step of the way.

  • Besides helping you become stronger, fitter, and more active, all the sessions focus on developing healthy habits and routines, mindset change, and increased confidence.


Work with me

Work with me

Training Memberships


1-to-1 personal Training

  • the most effective, targeted way to reach your goals
  • training program tailored to your specific goals and needs. In other words, it's ALL ABOUT YOU.
  • your own dedicated time slot a mutually agreeable park in Amsterdam
  • each session provides the opportunity to discuss practical solutions to the things you might be struggling with
  • you get your own personal cheerleader to hold you accountable and to celebrate your accomplishments
  • email or WhatsApp support during non-training days

prices starting at €325 per month

Small group training

  • added accountability and motivation, including online support via our facebook group
  • endorphine-boosting social interaction 
  • increased energy and general conditioning

Class size limited to 5-10 people. Check class schedule here.

prices starting at €65 per month

combi training

  • train with a group in addition to your one-to-one personal training
  • all the benefits of personal training and small group training, combined

prices starting at €385 per month

Membership benefits:

  • More consistency, more results than training ad-hoc
  • Convenient, automatic monthly billing
  • Occasional bonus session during months longer than 4 weeks, or you can think of it as a buffer for if you happen to miss a session that can't be rescheduled

Terms: prices include btw, 30-day membership cancellation period, 24-hour session cancellation policy - rescheduling in the same month is possible based on availability, monthly fee may be pro-rated for vacations or absences longer than 2 weeks when communicated in advance

Group Class

Group Class

Looking for a fun and challenging way to help achieve your health and fitness goals in an outdoor group setting? Then join us in a group class! The workouts consist of cardio and strength exercises and are suitable for all fitness levels. 

For just €65 per month, you get:

  • a weekly total body outdoor workout with an experienced certified trainer
  • online support via our private Facebook group
  • a mini resistance band

Classes will be resuming in September. To reserve your spot, fill out the form below.



  • Tuesdays at 7:00 - 7:45
  • Fridays at 9:15 - 10:15 







    • Thursdays at 9:15-10:15 


    See you in the park! 

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