Move better, feel better, look better

move better

I believe that

feel better

I believe we cannot move our bodies well without shifting our mindset. 

look better

Training Memberships

1-to-1 personal Training

  • the most effective, targeted way to reach your goals
  • training program tailored to your specific goals and needs. In other words, it's ALL ABOUT YOU.
  • your own dedicated time slot a mutually agreeable park in Amsterdam
  • each session provides the opportunity to discuss practical solutions to the things you might be struggling with
  • you get your own personal cheerleader to hold you accountable and to celebrate your accomplishments
  • email or WhatsApp support during non-training days

prices starting at €300 per month

Small group training

  • increased energy and general conditioning
  • added accountability and motivation
  • social interaction 
  • it's fun and habits that are fun are easier to stick with

Class size limited to 5-10 people. Check class schedule here.

prices starting at €65 per month

combi training

  • train with a group in addition to your one-to-one personal training
  • all the benefits of personal training and small group training, combined

prices starting at €360 per month

Membership benefits:

  • More consistency, more results than training ad-hoc
  • Convenient, automatic monthly billing
  • *Occasional bonus session during months longer than 4 weeks, or you can think of it as a buffer for if you happen to miss a session that can't be rescheduled

Terms: prices include btw, 30-day membership cancellation period, 24-hour session cancellation policy - rescheduling in the same month is possible based on availability, monthly fee may be pro-rated for vacations or absences longer than 2 weeks when communicated in advance