What happens during a coaching session? 

Prior to your first session

You'll have filled out an intake form in which you will specify what you hope to achieve during our time together. 

At the beginning of each session

You'll have an opportunity to assess what is going well and where you are struggling in regards to meeting your goals.

During the right moments of the workout

I'll provide various coaching prompts designed to get you thinking about your goals in a different way.

After each session

You'll receive a pdf summarizing the things we talked about, along with a of couple action steps you could take to bring you closer to your goal. 

Here are just a few of the reasons why exercise is good for the brain, making coaching and fitness is the ideal combination: 

  • Increased blood flow leads to better brain performance
  • Activation of the hippocampus, a critical part of the brain when it comes to learning and memory
  • Increased focus and cognitive flexibility 
  • Improved willpower 
  • Better control over your emotions
  • Sharpened short-term memory
  • Less stress, depression and anxiety
  • Increased emotional resilience 
  • Better self esteem