Grab your band and get going!

Resistance bands are one of my main go-to fitness tools. They are portable, easy to use and effective. Below are some of my favorite exercises using a Total Self mini band. 


Biceps curl

  • Place band around hands, maintaining tension on the band by pushing hands slightly outward

  • Curl arms up towards shoulders being sure to keep elbows tucked to the sides.

  • Return to starting position and repeat 10-16 times

triceps extension 

  • Place band around hand and rest on opposite shoulder
  • With the other hand, pull band straight down while extending the arm. Be sure to keep the elbow tucked close to your side

  • Repeat 10-16 times and then switch sides


IMG_1486_Lively (1).GIF

bent over row

  • Place band around hands

  • Bend forward from the hips with a neutral spine, chin tucked in

  • While keeping tension on the band, pull elbows back while squeezing shoulder blades together

  • Return arms to straight position and repeat 10-16 times

Standing abductor lift

  • Place the band around the middle of both feet. Stand beside a chair if needed for balance

  • Squeeze glutes while lifting right leg to the side

  • Lower and repeat 10-16 times. Switch sides

IMG_1497_Lively (1).GIF

IMG_1508_Lively (1).GIF

glute bridge

  • Place the band just above the knees, lie on back with knees bent

  • Squeeze the glutes while lifting hips off the ground. Push knees slightly outward against the resistance of the band. Hold for 3 seconds 

  • Slowly lower hips and repeat 10-16 times

clam shell

  • Place the band just above the knees and lie on the right side. Place arm under head for support, rest the other hand on hip. Bend knees to a 45 degree angle, stacking hips and knees on top of each other. 

  • Keeping feet together, brace core and bring knees as far apart as possible

  • Repeat for 10-16 repetitions and then continue on opposite side